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FLP 15 V.2021

Next generation laser pistol supplied with a completely new and unique QUICK CHARGE method! The gun is supplied with a universal or anatomic grip.

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This is a gun that meets the highest requirements of a modern shooter. It is also suitable for children, because its basic weight is 720 grams and it can be weighted to up to almost 1 kilogram.
FLP 15 is used by Joe Choong ( GRB ), Ahmed Elgendy ( EGY ) or Michelle Gulyas ( HUN ).
Homologated under UIPM 2016

Dimensions (mm)370 x 150 x 50
Gun Typesingle-shot, laser
WeightFrom 720 g
Laser Class I. (in accordance with EN 60825-1:2014)
Laser Class CertificationNo. 1170100 (Electrical Technological Testing Institute, Czech Republic)
Wavelength650 nm
Diameter of the laser beam4 mm ± 5 % / 10 m
Minimum peak laser value (with discharged battery)2.5 mW
Minimum peak laser value (with charged battery)3.2 mW
The recommended distance of shooting10 m
Number of shots per 1 AA cell s LC1450 000 at 20 °C
Power supply of emitter1.5V alkaline cell AAA
Temperature Range10 to 50 °C, IP 52*

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