Reinventing electronic targets since 2011. HIT COMPACT for sharpshooters on the move, HIT&MISS to see beyond the hit zone, and PRECISION pinpointing your shots with a built-in camera and minicomputer. In 2019, we redefined the game again: CONNECT models deliver control and results right to your smartphone.

S-BOX Connect

S-Box Connect target is new wireless precision target, working with Bluetooth based app. This target offers three modes of shooting.

Target has easy-to-use app for both Android and iOS. As power supply can be used power bank, but only such a product that mathces our specification. Target has built-in signalization lamps.

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Hit&Miss Connect Target

The Hit&Miss Connect target is for instruction, training and competition for the laser run in modern pentathlon.

The target evaluates the laser beam shot to the HIT and MISS zones. A shot to the hit zone is signalled when a green LED lights up. A shot to the miss zone is signalled when a red LED lights up.

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The Hit&Miss target is used for instruction, training or competitions.

It is powered by standard AA batteries.

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Hit Compact

The Hit COMPACT target is designed for use within instructional courses and trainings, particularly in laser run in modern pentathlon.

The target can assess the impact points pertaining to the hit zone.

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