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GLS 17 Laser Simulator

The GLS 17 is designed for beginners, enthusiasts and schools, for example. Unique metal frame construction with plastic sidewalls.

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Technical parameters

The GLS 17 laser simulator is designed for use within instructional courses, trainings or modern pentathlon and laser run competitions. One of the two main parts of the GLS 17 laser simulator is the FLP20 laser module with a 15.6 ms UIPM code as an emitter. The simulator is designed for laser beam shooting initiated by a trigger.

Dimensions355 mm × 150 mm × 50 mm
Pistol typesingle shot laser pistol
Weight78O g with universal grip / GLS 17 K 680g 830 g with anatomical grip
Laser module typePENTASHOT FLP20
Laser classI. (in accordance with EN 60825-1:2014)
Wavelength650 nm
Laser beam diameter4,5 mm ±10 % / 10 m
Laser coding15.6 ms UIPM laser signal
Laser class certificateNo: 1170100 (ELECTROTECHNICAL TESTING INSTITUTE, Prague , CZECH REPUBLIC)
Minimum laser peak value (empty battery)2,5 mW
Maximum laser peak value (full battery )3,2 mW
Recommended shooting distanceup to 10m
Number of shots made with 1 pc AAA batterymin. 50 000 /bei 20°C
Operating conditions+10°C to +50°
Emitter power supply1.5V AAA Alcaline battery