Laser Emitters

LB16 Laser Barrel

They are available for all guns used in the modern pentathlon!

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Technical parameters

Homologated by UIPM.

All LPT laser barrels have the UIPM laser signal 15.6 ms.

Dimensions20 mm x 23 mm x 289 mm (MORINI version )
Weight170 gr (with Al adapter), 220 gr (with steel adapter )
Laser classI. (in accordance with EN 60825-1:2014)
Wavelenght650 nm ±5% nm
Laser beam diameter4 mm±5% / 10m
Laser output
Laser code15,6 ms UIPM laser code 2015
Recommended shooting distance10 m
Number of shots with 1pc AAA batterymin. 40 000/ at 20°C
Emitter power supply1pc 1,5V AAA Alcaline battery
Operating conditions+10°C to +50°C, IP 52°C